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Strategy: The Alignment Test

Studies suggest that only 7% of your employees truly understand your organization’s strategy. One reason for this is that leadership is not aligned and confused about the true strategy. When I interview leadership teams I find that there are inconsistencies on what the true strategy is for the organization. Most[…]

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Getting Your CU Board Out of the Weeds

CU Boards are an interesting dynamic in the credit union space.  A volunteer group that is charged with responsibility to represent the member, set the strategic direction, and oversee the safety and soundness of the credit union. My experience is that CU Directors are not that involved in the strategic[…]

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The CEO Role and How it is Changing

Written by: Chuck Gulledge Advisors – Individual and Organizational Performance Improvement The business world is changing. Employees are changing. Consumers are changing. Business models are becoming obsolete. CEO’s are under more pressure to reduce costs and deliver growth. The rapid change in technology makes it even more challenging for CEO’s.[…]

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