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Forbes: Nine Steps To Develop Leadership Discipline

Business leaders have a tough job. They must manage themselves, lead others and keep the organization heading in the right direction. They are ultimately accountable for the organization’s success. With this comes stress, fear and other emotions that can get in the way of leadership discipline. Working with CEOs and[…]

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Forbes: A Vision At Rest Is Never Your Best

I recently read an article that said a properly crafted vision statement is at the heart of every organization. I would think most people reading this would agree that a vision is important. In fact, it’s rare to run across an organization that does not have a well-crafted vision statement.[…]

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Forbes: Solving The Alignment Puzzle

Alignment is defined as a position of agreement. Think of a car: When it’s not aligned, things are bound to go wrong. The same can be said for business. Business alignment means that all elements of a business are organized and functioning at the highest level. It helps produce an[…]

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