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Strategic Planning

You May Not Have a Strategy

As a CEO, strategic thinking is an ongoing process. Taking care of the nuts and bolts of the daily grind can get in the way of thinking strategically.  Since we are half way through this calendar year, I am hoping this short blog will challenge you to focus on strategy. […]

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Strategy – Understanding Core Competencies

What is the most important objective of your strategic planning process?   How would you define your ideal outcomes from your planning session?  Is it a set of goals or objectives for the upcoming year or does it focus on your winning strategy?   With a first time engagement with my clients,[…]

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Winning: Creating Advantage on What You Can Control

As a credit union executive, changing industry dynamics are fast moving and are impacting how we deliver products and services to our members. Question, how have the industry dynamics challenged or changed your strategy? Numerous online companies are gaining significant traction. Below are just a few companies posing a burgeoning[…]

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Same Ol’ Planning Session

It’s that time of year when you may be organizing your upcoming planning session. What may be going through your mind is having a session that is different or better. How do we make this work for our board and leadership team? What can we do different that creates more[…]

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You Call That a Strategy

Written by: Chuck Gulledge Advisors – Individual and Organizational Performance Improvement Have You Seen This Mission Statement? Our mission is to provide our members with leading financial services products, committed to excellent service, for the overall well being of our members. You will find this mission statement or some assemblance[…]

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