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Collaborative Feedback Assessment

You could be your organization’s biggest obstacle:

  • If leadership matters and a team is a reflection of the leader, who owns the responsibility for perceived obstacles and setbacks? If your team is not performing optimally, how can you define the impediment?
  • You can learn to recognize the obstacles and roadblocks that are keeping you and your team from forward movement and measured success! Leader, it starts with you.
  • As leaders, we have a difficult time imagining that our leadership, communication style and associated behaviors could be getting in the way of our organization’s success. Effective leaders possess a high level of self-awareness: that is a fact! Only self-aware leaders possess the clarity and insight to identify behaviors, emotions and assumptions that are road-blocks to success.


Every effective leader has a picture of their “desired-self;” the epitome of a great leader who can positively impact people and organizations. The challenge is, how do you grow into that leader?  We offer a process that provides insights, information and perspectives that will enable you to clearly define your current “actual-self.”  This is how others see you as a leader; unmasked and bare-boned.  You see, it is this “you” that provides the meaningful starting point for continued development, not who you “perceive” yourself to be. This courageous step toward self-awareness is at the heart of every great leader’s growth and development plan. Our assessment process provides a safe and confidential environment for you and your team members to grow individually as leaders and as a team.  You are the expert about your perceived-self (what a great leader you think you are) and likely have a picture of your desired-self.  The problem is, there are literally hundreds of leadership behaviors you could work on.  The necessity is to identify which are the most relevant.  This can only be done by gaining a clear picture of your actual-self and identifying the major gaps between how you see yourself and how others see you.  We will help you identify those blind-spots and self-defeating behaviors that are standing in the way of success.


Unlike traditional personality assessments and tests, we engage team members individually and verbally in a confidential manner.  We call this tool: the Collaborative Feedback Assessment.  The science of team dynamics informs us that the leader sets the tone for the team. If one member is experiencing conflict or tension, the whole team is impacted.  Therefore, this process may be applied to only the leader or to the entire team.  The process for an individual leader includes the following:

  • Initial discovery session with a coach
  • Selection of 5 relevant leadership competencies to be assessed
  • Selection of 7-10 peers, direct reports and other participants to be part of the Collaborative Feedback Assessment
  • Interview phase wherein each participant is asked effectiveness-related questions regarding the selected leadership competencies (maximum of 30 minutes)
  • Leader receives a confidential Collaborative Feedback Assessment Summary
  • Summary session with the coach to review results and establish a growth and development plan based on the most relevant themes discovered through the interview process
  • Optional coaching and follow-up is also available


  • Insights regarding leadership effectiveness not available through any other means
  • A greater level of self-awareness that leads to less conflict and tension with self and others
  • A higher level of emotional intelligence regarding self and team
  • The ability to identify and address obstacles and roadblocks to success
  • A refined list of the 2 or 3 most important leadership development areas


The first step is to set up a complimentary call with one of our coaches.  This call is designed to get a better understanding of your goals and objectives.  We will also answer any questions you may have regarding the Collaborative Feedback Assessment Process. To get started email us at or call 618-975-1922.